Best Car Rental Rewards Program

There are many benefits to renting a vehicle, especially when you live in a large and vast country like the United States. Public transport is available, of course, but it is not comprehensive and only really appealing to the bare bones budget traveler.

For families, business travelers, and tourists who want to see more of their destination, there is no better option than renting a vehicle. This, of course, can become expensive, which is why a rental car rewards program for frequent travelers are so important. At Advantage, we have three in-house loyalty rewards programs, perfect for your unique needs:

Advantage Rewards

Our most popular Advantage Rewards program is perfect for leisure and business travelers alike. You get benefits from the second you sign up, and will keep gaining more benefits the more often you rent. We offer instant rewards and an enrollment bonus reward from the first time you rent a vehicle with us, and more awards the more often you rent a vehicle. From free days to free upgrades, to even free weekends on us, there is no shortage to the amount of benefits you could be eligible for.

You can also enjoy one Advantage Pit Stop award on our Silver or Gold memberships, a choice of perks like a GPS, toll pass, or car seat with a Gold or Platinum membership, and can even get a complimentary Advantage Expressway Lane pass for those with our Platinum membership. The best part is that you can qualify for the best benefits after only seven rentals, so for those who travel frequently on business, you can really reap the rewards and drive in comfort.

Corporate Advantage

Though Advantage Rewards does cater to business travelers, if you frequently travel with a company and with coworkers, you should consider enrolling in the Corporate Advantage program. This program is catered to those frequent travelers who need exceptional savings and quality services and benefits each and every time they touch down.

Savings start the second you sign up and continue every day of the year thereafter. There are no blackout dates and no exceptions. You can book with us and save with us whenever you need to travel for business. You can also enjoy driving the newest models in our fleet, skipping the line with our express line for our Corporate Advantage members, and enjoy no extra fees for extra drivers or young drivers (21 – 24). Perfect for those companies who frequently send employees to different destinations.

Advantage Book Friendly

Travel agents and tour operators are expected to take the hassle of travel out from the experience for their clients. This means booking their flight, their accommodation, and even hiring their rental vehicle. All-inclusive trips are popular, simply because everything is already taken care of. As a tour operator, however, you also want to save as much as possible, and with our Advantage Book Friendly rewards, you can reap several benefits every time you book a rental vehicle for a client.

Not only can you find the best value for you and your customers, you can also access bonus commissions (5% base with a 5% bonus). Other benefits include free rental days with the possibility of acquiring more free days whenever you enroll one of your own customers into our Advantage Rewards program. To offer more choice in your package, we even offer promotions for your customers, as well as discounts for yourself and your family.

Book Online

Our rewards are only available for those who book through our website online. So ensure you plan ahead and book with us before your flight to gain full advantage of all the rewards and benefits our award programs offer.

Choosing the Right Rewards Plan

There are many different travelers, which is why we offer different rewards programs. Knowing which is the best program for yourself is key. Corporations can benefit from the Corporate Advantage program, but if you travel for business on your own, you might prefer our Advantage Rewards benefits better. Choosing the right program for you will depend on factors such as how frequently you travel, how specific your travel itinerary is, and even what you need from us. Travel and tour operators can benefit from partnering with us, as they can gain rewards and offer their customers excellent service.

We have a program for everyone. Choose the best option for you, and start saving and gaining rewards to make every trip you make easier. Whether you are going on a family road trip, traveling solo, or in town on business, there is a rewards program that will suit you. Enroll, and start benefiting from our rewards from the first time you book online.

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