5 Tips for Rental Car Drop Off

“returning your rental car shouldn’t be a hassle”

You know that special feeling at the beginning of a vacation? You’re excited about all of the possibilities of travel, and no inconvenience could possibly dampen your appetite for adventure. Unfortunately that enthusiasm doesn’t always translate when your vacation is coming to an end. If you’re tired, stressed, or in a hurry, these tips for rental car drop off could help get you home in peace.

1. Check the rental car agreement

Before you leave to return your rental car, it’s always wise to reread the rental agreement. The agreement should include details on where and when to return your car. Leave some extra time to fill the gas tank and account for any unexpected traffic. The rental agreement is a contract, and failure to satisfy the agreement could result in extra fees.

2. Return the rental car on time

OK, so this tip is obvious, but returning the rental car on time is really important. Rental car companies simultaneously handle hundreds of reservations and rely on customers to return cars at their scheduled time. This ensures that their fleet is used most efficiently and that all customers are serviced fairly.

3. Locate the nearest or most convenient gas station

You most likely won’t be familiar with the area surrounding your rental car drop off location. When you pick up your car, we recommend taking some time to find a gas station near your drop off location, so you can fill the tank upon return. While it might be more convenient to not fill up, it will cost you. Failure to return a car with a full tank comes with a per gallon fee that is likely to be more expensive than the local rate. Knowing where you’ll fill up will make your return ride less stressful and less expensive.

4. Check the car one more time

Leave enough time to inspect the car one more time before you leave the lot. You’ll want to check for personal belongings including small items like phone chargers and keys, but also it’s a good idea to take a more expansive look at the entire car. Inspect for any damages to the interior and exterior, and make note of any trouble areas. If you’re dropping your car off after hours, we encourage you to take photos to record any damage or lack thereof. It’s also a good way to record when you returned the car and where you left it.

5. Contact the rental company

If you’re still uneasy about the drop off process, your best bet is always to contact the rental company. Ideally, you can speak to someone at the counter where you’re returning the car. If that’s not possible, most rental companies have an emergency phone number to call. As mentioned before, be sure to read your rental agreement and document your process if you’re unsure at any point.

We want you to rest easy. When you choose Advantage Rent A Car, we’ll work to make your rental car drop off a convenient, hassle-free experience. If you’re ready to book a rental car now, use our free reservation tool to find the car you need.

Written by: Kody Pedersen

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